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Become an Access USA Realty, Inc. agent today, find out how.

Why should you become an Access USA Realty Agent and what benefits should you expect...  

About Us

Access USA Realty, Inc. is an independently owned and operated Real Estate Brokerage Firm covering main South Florida counties : Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach.

Established in January of 1997, Access USA Realty, Inc. hires mainly heavily-experienced agents, many of whom have their broker licenses. We only accept new agents who have a strong commitment to their own success and customers with abilty to manage multiple leads efficiently. Access USA Realty, Inc. attributes our high success rate with new agents to our tough screening, coupled with an excellent training program offered by Larry Milligan himself.

Our Concept

Access USA Realty, Inc. supports the concept of giving the agents the freedom of truly being an Independent Contractor and running their real estate business and/or branch office as if they truly own their own business.

Agents do not have stifling dictates from above limiting the service the agents can or cannot provide for their customers. The agents love their freedom, flexibility with their customers and high commission splits. This all directly benefits the Access USA Realty, Inc. customer.

What Do We Offer

We offer real estate agents the opportunity to be real independent contractors while providing them with the highest level of support to match their level of training and experience while having the best compensation plan on the market.

With Access USA Realty, Inc. this is how it work:

  • We offer real Buyers and personal assistance and interaction including lead generation and pre-screening, along with personal help with customer and transaction management and Full broker access 7 days a week.
  • We give leads for Real Buyers and Renters with team splits ranging from 50% to as high as 90% (90% under $50k, 75% $51k - $100k, 60% $101k to $200k and 50% over $200k). Anything that you get as a referral of those and all personal business is paid at 90% with NO transaction fees charged by the company.
  • YOU keep the ENTIRE COMMISSION except for 10% on your own business you get.
  • Agents are free to charge their own transaction fees up to $495 (except on team leads) that they keep 100% of.
  • All bonuses on referral and personal sales are paid at 100%.
  • Listings are paid at 90% as well, plus you keep 100% of transaction fees.
  • Rentals are paid at 90% even on team leads, Agent Referrals are paid at 100% minus a $70 processing fee.
  • There are NO other per transaction fees, NO Franchise Fees, NO Desk Fees, NO administration costs, NO Marketing fees, NO production quotas, NO mandatory meetings.
  • 24/7 office access with Free phone and fax use including Free long distance, FREE copy machine use, FREE computer use with 6mb high speed Internet
  • Agents costs for business cards and Board Affiliation Change are reimbursed on their first transaction.
  • Sale of an Agent's personal residence is Free.
  • If you leave the company you are paid your commissions on all pending transactions regardless of when they close and you can also take their listings with you (almost no other companies offer that).

Best Compensation Around

  • The compensation plan we offer is the best on the market you can find. It offers both real customers on a team basis, plus pays very high splits on your own business. None of the other big operations offering "real" leads does that. With them, you operate at the company split, which can be as low as 40%, for ALL transactions.
  • You are an Independent Contractor and are treated like one, keeping virtually all of what you earn. Talk to one of our agents about us. You will find them smiling all the way to the bank. Again and again. Put the money you earn into YOUR pocket.

There are no games, tricks, or surprises. It is as good as it sounds. Feel free to contact us regarding any question you might have, as we looking forward to hearing from you...

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